Come along and be part of UC FOCUS!  We are a group of students from a range of different backgrounds including no church background.  We want to explore, learn about, and grow in relationship with God and each other and see the reality of Jesus discovered, enjoyed and shared on campus.

FOCUS member sign up link

This is a link to the UC Life clubs page. To sign up to FOCUS you simply need to type FOCUS in the search bar.

Regular Meetings

Our meetings run weekly in teaching time. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend!

Public Meetings

Public Meetings are our main meetings during the week where we gather together, hear a talk from the Bible, pray and chat about what we have learned. We often kick on after and keep catching up.

When: Every Wednesday 12:30-1:25pm

Where: Student Lounge = bottom level across from the Mizuna cafe – sign-in required for social distancing requirements

Contact: Lawrence Monro for details (see below)

Small Groups

Small group Bible studies are great ways to learn from God as we read his word, the Bible and to make new friends on campus.

Click here to sign up for a small group!

For locations and more information, contact our Executive Committee (uc.focus@gmail.com), Alex Jones (alex.jones@afes.org.au) or Paul Avis (paul.avis@afes.org.au)


Residential Bible Study

Wednesday evenings at Cooper Lodge during class weeks

Dinner at 6pm (free), Bible study 7-8pm

Contact: Cameron 0418546612 cameron.mason@afes.org.au


Throughout the semester, FOCUS runs training courses to help equip and encourage members. In Semester 2, we’re running:

T3 training – online, see the link below! talk over dinner, be trained in the Word, take the gospel out! This semester we’re exploring how the cross of Christ applies to life. Click on the link to let us know you’re interested!


Click here for all the details.


International Students

Click here to learn about our activities for international students at UC


Paul Avis (Senior Staff) – paul.avis@afes.org.au

Alex Jones (Senior Staff) – alex.jones@afes.org.au

Cameron Mason (Senior Staff & International Students) – cameron.mason@afes.org.au

Owen Chadwick (Senior Staff and International Students) – owen.chadwick@afes.org.au

Julia Walter (Staff) – alex.jones@afes.org.au

Lawrence Monro (Student President) – lawrence.monro9@gmail.com

UC FOCUS contact – uc.focus@gmail.com

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