Have you found it?

The world promises so much – “Do what makes you happy!”, “Be true to yourself!”, “Don’t let anyone stand in your way.” But social scientists say we’re the loneliest, most obese, and most medicated generation in history. We have entertainment, food, comfort at our fingertips. The world’s our oyster! And yet mental health issues are at an all-time high. Regret, sadness and emptiness are our closest friends.

Have you found what you’re looking for?

The world is fighting for more. We long for truth and freedom, justice and equality. But satisfaction alludes us. We hope for light, but behold all is darkness…

The Bible promises that Jesus is the only solution. Jesus is the world’s Messiah who sacrificed his life for ultimate justice. Jesus is the only one whose government establishes true freedom, whose nation prospers and abounds with peace. It’s only in Jesus that all the stains of regret and shame are erased and forgiven.

Doesn’t this sound great to you? Just for a moment, suspend disbelief, and come, explore the most soul satisfying truths of the universe. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually find what you’re looking for.

Find Justice: WK 1 Thursday 1-2pm → Cultural Centre Theatre

Find Freedom: WK 2 Tuesday 1-2pm → Marie Reay, Ground Floor

Find Forgiveness: WK 2 Thursday 1-2pm → Marie Reay Ground Floor


Every Thursday 1-2pm, FOCUS gathers for a public meeting to hear the Bible taught.

Whether you've been reading the Bible for years or are just curious to know more, everyone is welcome. Meet on the second floor of Marie Reay.


Small Groups are where small groups of people meet up and read the Bible together. They run every day at various times in faculty groups.

Click here to fill in your timetable and we'll get you into a group that suits your schedule.

Are you an International Student?

FOCUS International meets on Thursday nights during semester to share dinner and hear a Bible talk together. You don’t have to be a Christian or even know anything about Jesus to come along.

We meet for dinner at the Innovations Theatre (Anthony Low Building) from 5-7pm (please bring $2 to cover costs).

For more information contact Jono on 0402 770 607 or message our facebook page.

Please come! Everyone is welcome.


Postgrad Students

Are you a postgrad student or staff looking to get hooked into a christian community on campus? The Simeon Network connects Christians in the postgraduate and academic community, to support one another and share the good news about Jesus at university. We are AFES affiliated, and part of a national Simeon Network community.

Find out more information here -

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