Focal Point 2022


Who is the Holy Spirit? Have you ever tried to visualise or describe the Holy Spirit? Many people think of widely different things and images. Is he God’s mystical divine influence over the world? Or perhaps a spiritual companion to comfort Christians? Maybe the Holy Spirit is just a spooky ghost who assists people during vision quests. But what does the Bible actually say about him?

The Bible is clear that the Holy Spirit is the third person of our triune God. To know and understand the Holy Spirit is to know and understand God. Over the course of Focal Point we will be exploring his role and purpose not just for the world but for you, too. Will you join us?

Join us as we open the scriptures together to explore what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit. It’s a week you don’t want to miss, and we hope you can come along! 

When: Monday 11th – Friday 15th July 
Where: Greenhills Conference Centre
Who: You and your FOCUS friends from ANU, UC, ACU & ADFA 

Early bird: $300 (closes May 16)
1st years: $300 (closes June 26)
Standard: $335 (closes June 26)

Morning Sessions
We’ll begin each day in prayer, asking our heavenly Father to change our hearts as he speaks to us in the Bible. Then we’ll lift our eyes to Christ’s global mission as we sing, pray and hear from a visiting missionary about proclaiming Christ overseas. We’ll finish off the mornings breaking into smaller groups for Manuscript Discovery. Manuscript Discovery is where you get a few chapters of the bible printed without verses, chapters or paragraph headings. It’s a really enriching time digging deep into God’s word.

Seminars are where we do our topical study on “The Holy Spirit” in slightly larger groups. These will be interactive, constructive (and deconstructive), mind-bending moments trying to think from a blank page about The Holy Spirit.

Come with your questions, a quick eye for detail, and a heart that loves to know God’s glory.

Evening Sessions
After dinner, we’ll gather at Greenhills with the whole FOCUS family. We’ll sing, pray, reflect and listen to Richard Chin preach from the Scriptures about The Holy Spirit.

There’ll be question time on some nights, interviews, book reviews and more!

Common Questions