About Staff

Alex Jones
I love being part of God’s work through small groups, one-to-one discipleship and training. I’m particularly passionate about seeing young women know, love, trust and obey the Lord Jesus.Alex

Alex works 5 days at UC having joined the FOCUS Staff team at the beginning of 2018. Previously, Alex studied journalism and worked in ministry at the University of Technology Sydney. Alex is part of New Life Presbyterian Church.

Simon & Jemima Jones
Simon is a new ministry trainee this year at ANU. He and his wife Jemima are excited to serve God by sharing the life changing news of Jesus Christ with university students.

Simon feels the urgency for people to turn back to God and has loved the opportunities he’s had working as a primary teacher in Sydney to tell kids about their saviour Jesus. However he’s looking forward to training in ministry in an environment outside his comfort zone and how God will grow, challenge and use him for His kingdom and glory. He and Jemima are excited to encourage and grow with the student son campus while balancing being new parents.New Staff in 2022

Richard & Jeanette Chin
Amongst our greatest joys is seeing students saved, established in the faith, and sent to the ends of the earth with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.Richard & Jeanette

Richard serves 1 day a week & Jeanette full-time as part of the ANU staff team.

Kevin (Staff team leader ANU) & Mathea Yeung
Kevin is currently the ANU FOCUS Staff Team Leader and serves with his wife Mathea who is on the ANU staff team 3 days a week. “University ministry was pivotal in both of our lives. It changed the trajectory of our lives as we grew to love God through his Word as we invested in university ministry. We also met at Uni 🙂 We long for students to have the same training and evangelistic opportunities. Please pray that God will grow us in humble dependence and prayerfulness in him as we serve alongside students in this important task on campus!
Brendan & Gloria Nelson (Apprentices)
Brendan and Gloria became Mr and Mrs in a rushed COVID wedding in 2020. But their decision to do MTS was not rushed. They’ve been chatting to Kevin (Yeung) since they were students at Cumberland. “By God’s grace we are both saved sinners and so are keen to serve Jesus with our lives. We both worked as physiotherapists in Sydney. We are excited to serve at ANU since the start of 2021 and hope to see students come to trust in Jesus as their Lord. We are keen to be stretched and humbled!”
Stephen, Lauren & Luke Driscoll
Steve is a full-time staff worker with the team at ANU. He has a particular focus on postgrads and academics on campus. He is married to Lauren, and they have a 2-year-old boy Luke. Steve loves studying the bible with students and better understanding God’s word.
Chichi Soboya (Junior Staff)
Having completed a ministry internship in the Middle East, we’re excited that Chichi will be continuing ministry at ANU with us as a Junior Staff Worker. “I came to know our Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of faithful and deliberate staff workers in the UAE. Like them, I love being a part of God’s transformative work in the lives of students. Pray for me in this, that God would set my eyes on him as I set my heart on ANU!”
Jo Ball
16 house-moves, 3 countries, 7 jobs, 6 uni campuses and counting – I guess God packaged my life as one that is on the move … Perhaps, this is a gift so that I can walk alongside uni students who are on the move in the adulting journey. What a joy it is to take steps together as we move toward our Heavenly Home!
Jo serves as a staffworker to the Australian Catholic University in Canberra 3 days a week. Previously (in reverse chronological order), Jo has had the joy to serve at Sydney Uni, a couple of local churches, overseas as a missionary, and in schools.
Jono & Emily Mills (Apprentices)
Jono and Emily Mills are new ministry trainees at the ANU in 2022. Jono and Emily first met at the University of Wollongong’s AFES group and have been married for two years. They currently attend Wollondilly Anglican Church where Jono works as an administrator/children’s worker. Emily is currently working as a primary teacher and loves telling the kids in her class about Jesus. “We are so thankful for all the ministry experiences and training we’re already received from faithful parents, good mentors and great churches. We’re eager to keep on building on this solid foundation during our time with FOCUS. Having experienced first hand the opportunities at uni to tell people about Jesus and see their lives transformed, we are excited to jump back into university ministry to serve and to be trained in how to serve the Lord Jesus better.”
New Staff in 2022
Paul (Staff team leader UC) & Zoe Avis
After four years in local church ministry, my wife Zoe and I along with our three children are excited to serve with UC FOCUS as Staff Team Leader. When I moved to Canberra to study at UC as an 18-year-old, God worked profoundly in my life through UC FOCUS. Through faithful bible teaching, quality training, and godly relationships with other Christians, God brought me to Jesus and grew me as one of His followers. It is wonderfully strange to have come full circle and to be serving on my old ‘stomping ground’! But I am overjoyed to partner with students and staff to proclaim Christ, and evangelise, encourage, train and send more UC students into the world to the glory of Jesus!
Julia Walter (Apprentice)
I am super excited to serve with the staff team as an apprentice for these 2 years. As a UC student myself (studying Nursing 2018-19), I saw the great need for the gospel to be heard by students. I am excited to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord with UC, through the work of the Holy Spirit and in prayerful dependence on God. I love to dance (around the house, yes, but I also attended classes); be outdoors exploring God’s creation; and I enjoy writing pieces for my blog, when I find the time and/or inspiration.
Samantha Begg (Apprentice)
Sami is a Public Health graduate of Wollongong Uni who loves the beach, travelling (not at the moment!), hiking, baking, sleep-ins, coffee and most of all Jesus! “I’m so excited by the opportunity to serve at the ANU that students might come to know and grow in their love of Jesus. One of my favourite things to do at uni, and now with church, is meeting up and reading the Bible with other girls and am so excited to be able to do that more next year! I’m really keen to meet you all and to be challenged and encouraged by God’s word together.”
Cam & Winnie Mason
My name is Cameron and I’m married to Winnie. I grew up in Camden and love Christ, Cricket (or any sport really!) and coffee. My claim to fame is that I am apparently related to Sir Donald Bradman! I became a Christian at a Mid Year Conference in 2008 where I was convinced that Jesus really rose from the dead, was Lord of all, and therefore my whole life had to be lived for him. I’m excited to partner with students at UC in proclaiming Christ to university students, both local and international, and raise up the next generation of gospel workers for Canberra and beyond. Thanks for your prayers!
FOCUS Military

Our vision is that every person joining the Australian Defence Force has the opportunity to know the Lord Jesus.

The FOCUS staff also partner with the staff of FOCUS Military ministries at ADFA. Find out more about this ministry at focusmilitary.org.au


Our mission is proclaiming Jesus Christ at university to present everyone mature in Him.

The FOCUS staff are employed by the Australian Fellowship of University Students. Find out more about our employers and about student ministry across Australia at afes.org.au