Focal Point 2020

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Where do you look to find yourself? In your studies and career? Or in love and friendships? Or in pleasure and partying? The world offers so many good things. But when good things become ultimate things, they leave us lost, dissatisfied and disillusioned…

Jesus promises better. He says “If anyone wants to follow me, he must deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.” (Mark 8:34). But this sounds like bad advertising… Aren’t I meant to be true to myself? Isn’t the cross painful? Didn’t Jesus die so I can live life to the full?

Join FOCUS students from ANU, UC, ADFA and ACU as we open the Scriptures to explore the most significant event in history — the death of Christ on the cross. We’ll explore why Jesus’ death was necessary, how we can know we’re forgiven, what to do with habitual sins, how to find yourself truly…

Morning Sessions
Mornings will begin at 10am (who doesn’t love a sleep in 😄). We’ll begin by gathering on Zoom for some all-in fun, prayer and reflections. Then we’ll break into smaller groups (possibly in person if people are keen) for manuscript discovery. Manuscript discovery is where you get a few chapters of the bible, printed without verses, chapters or paragraph headings. It’s a really enriching time with a small group of others digging deep into God’s word.

Seminars are where we do our topical study on The Cross in slightly larger groups on Zoom. These will be interactive, constructive (and deconstructive), mind-bending moments trying to think from a blank page about Jesus’ death. Why did Jesus die on the cross? Would anything be different if he died by lethal injection or firing squad? Are there different ways to understand Christ’s death? Come with your questions, a quick eye for detail, and a heart that loves to know God’s glory.

Evening Sessions
Sit back in the comfort of home and gather together with the FOCUS family. Whether you’re a grad, supporter, current student or part-timer, these night sessions will be a celebration of God’s work among us. We’ll sing, pray, reflect and listen to Richard Chin preach from the Scriptures about how we truly find ourselves at the cross.


“Focal Point was possibly the most important thing that happened to me last year – perhaps even in my entire adult life.”2019 student delegate