FOCUS holds regular meetings, small group Bible studies, mission weeks and other events at the Australian National University (ANU). At the ANU, FOCUS aims to reach out to students and staff on campus with the wonderful news of Jesus’ love through these different activities.


Public Meeting

Our Public Meetings are on every Thursdays at 1pm in the Haydon Allen Tank, where we meet for an hour as a big group to pray, and to read and hear a talk from the Bible. There are opportunities to ask questions, to discuss, and to catch up with one another during and after the talk. Everyone is welcome!

If you want to catch up on missed talks from 2016, click here!

2017 talks will start being uploaded soon.


Throughout the year FOCUS will run training sessions to help equip and encourage members. Click here to find out more.

Bible Studies

Small group Bible studies are a great way to learn from God’s word and to make new friends. Several Bible studies are held on campus at ANU and are divided into faculty groups. Try to join your Faculty, as there’ll be events specific to your degree, but if you’re struggling to find a time, you’re absolutely free to join any group you can make it too.

For more details please contact the faculty leaders.


Contact: Stephanie Nicholls (0403 411 013), Jonathan Tjandra (0411 265 888)

First Year Bible Study: Friday 1pm at School of Music Cafe

Senior Bible Study 1: Thursday 9-11am at Pop Up Village

Senior Bible Study 2: Friday 3pm at School of Music Cafe


Contact: Alex Cox (0450 751 618 )

First Year Bible Study: Friday 1pm at Melville Hall

Senior Bible Study 1: Monday 2pm Melville Hall

Senior Bible Study 2: Thursday 3pm at Melville Hall

Law/Music/Visual Arts and Design

Contact: Daniel Jacob (0428 935 947), Katie Flanagan (0479 099 749)

First Year Bible Study: Friday 10am at Law School Foyer

Senior Law Bible Study: Thursday 3pm

Senior Music Bible Study: Wednesday 11am at Street Theatre Cafe

International Students

As a part of our weekly activities, ANU FOCUS runs the Bridge ANU, which is aimed particularly at accommodating international students who are interested in learning about Jesus. We hold regular free dinners and organise outings. No prior knowledge about Jesus and the Bible needed. Thursdays from 5.30-7pm during ANU teaching weeks  at an Australian home close to the ANU, just off Barry Drive. More informationFP2013-43

Simeon Network

For those who are postgrad students or staff, we still have options to get hooked into a christian community on campus. The Simeon Network connects Christians in the postgraduate and academic community, to support one another and share the good news about Jesus at university.  We are AFES affiliated, and part of a national Simeon Network community.
Lunchtime Bible Study times/places
Tuesday 12pm @ CBE Biginelli’s Cafe (John Shellard)
Wednesday 12pmLittle Pickle Cafe (Sheri Kim 0404029775)


Dave Irving (Senior Staff) –

Megan Errington (Senior Staff) –

Owen Chadwick (Senior Staff and International Students) –

Sophie England (Student president) –

Oliver Wilson (Vice President and Bible Studies) –

Kate Humphreys (Treasurer and Bible Studies) –

David Dwyer (International Students) –

Nick Tugwell (Secretary and Communications) –