A Christian’s Perspective on Politics

Politics often gets reduced to a set of soundbites and stereotypes. These sessions will provide an opportunity to move beyond the superficial, by examining the visions for society—and for life—that underpins political ideologies, and how they may be critiqued from a Christian perspective. We will examine the following questions:

What is society like?

How does political society come into being?

What is the role or place of the individual in society?

What is human nature like?

Who has—or should have—power?

What is the big problem with the world?

How can that problem be fixed?


Cost: $10 for reading brick.

When: Tuesday/Wednesday; 12pm-1pm/1pm-2pm/2-3pm; Weeks 9, 10 and 11.
Times up for debate, it depends on you!
Book here to make your place and let us know when works for you!

Where: Venue is yet to be confirmed.