Come along and be part of UC FOCUS!  We are a group of students from a range of different backgrounds including no church background.  We want to explore, learn about, and grow in relationship with God and each other and see the reality of Jesus discovered, enjoyed and shared on campus.

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Regular Meetings

Our meetings run weekly in teaching time. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend!

Public Meetings

Public Meetings are our main meetings during the week where we gather together, hear a talk from the Bible, pray and chat about what we have learned. We often kick on after and keep catching up. Our first meeting for Winter Term 2017 will be on the 7th of June. 

When: Wednesdays 12:30 – 2.30pm
Where: near the Uni at a home in Cobbett Place, Bruce (5 minutes walk from UC) Contact Dave Adams or Beth McMahon for details (see below)

Bible Studies

Small group Bible studies are great ways to learn from God’s Word and to make new friends on campus.

As we are on break, we have no consolidated bible studies. However when Semester 1 resumes we will have groups ready.

For locations and more information, contact Damo (damien10nf@gmail.com) or Amy (shellard.amy@gmx.com)

Residential Bible Study

For more information, contact Dave Adams



Throughout the year FOCUS will run training sessions to help equip and encourage members. Click here to find out more.



Dave Adams (Senior Staff) – dma334@gmail.com

Owen Chadwick (Senior Staff and International Students) – owen@focus.asn.au

Damo Francis (Student President) – damien10nf@gmail.com

Tilly Kingsley (Student Vice President) – swirl1211@hotmail.com

Bethany McMahon (Student Secretary) – bethany.mcmahon@hotmail.com

Aaron Maina (Student Treasurer) – aaron.maina@gmail.com

Amy Shellard (Community Coordinator and Bible Studies) – shellard.amy@gmx.com